They say when the mind is stretched by a new experience, it can never return to its old dimensions. That is the precisely the gift that Natalie Levy has given to me. Before Natalie, I dreamt for a life of castles in the sky but found it overwhelming to build the foundations they so longingly needed. I wanted to live more in my truth, but needed direction of discerning what my truth actually was. Cue Natalie: a vivacious, kind, funny, compassionate soul who is determined to getting you to live your best life. Through our journey together, she has instilled in me lessons and tools I will forever carry with me and because of her, I now wake up everyday with a sense of purpose and intention. She has a talent of breaking it down to discovering what your core desires are, cutting out “the fat”, instilling patience, starting small and building, and asking those hard questions so collectively, you can build a game plan and begin to live in your truth.

It goes without saying how immensely grateful I am for our conversations; she has bestowed in me a new focus and determination for life, and I highly recommend her for any soul who is searching for their higher purpose or wants to awake everyday knowing they are intentionally living their best lives with a sense of their own clear purpose.
— April
Where do I even begin? I received an email from Natalie during a crossroads in my life. What made the most difference was her ability to ask the tough questions; she always pushed me to go deeper. For me, another mark of a good coach is giving tools that I can pass on to others- the same questions Natalie asked me, I would ask my friends and they would experience change in their lives also. Natalie helped me work through a break up, overcome the negative thought patterns that come from having been abused and emotionally neglected as a child, build my own coaching business and speak up for myself and taking care of myself. Thank you Natalie for helping me accomplish my goals and being a big support!
— Jennifer, Life Coach
Natalie is always the first person that I go to for advice. She’s smart, clearheaded, and never fails to have great solutions to complex issues. She’s the type of person who will get to know your mind, and know how to expose your flaws without being judgmental. A truly remarkable woman, and an asset in anyone’s life. 
— Christine, Singer & Actress
From the first intro call I had with Natalie, I knew she was the girl I wanted to work with. In our calls over the last 5 months, she has listened, understood, asked the tough questions and provided never-ending support and accountability for my goals. She unearthed and questioned the limiting beliefs I have held onto for decades. Working with her has brought me to critical decisions that have resulted in career-changes as well as mindset changes about money, abundance, love and happiness. Natalie, you’ve truly touched my life in a special way that will stay with me as each day goes by. Thank you!
— Vivian, Fitness Professional and Web Developer
Natalie has been helping me focus my energy and package my business to reach my ideal audience. She’s clear and generous with her time and attention. I feel confident in her intuition and working with her makes me feel enthusiastic, motivated, and optimistic about my path. I am grateful for my time with Natalie.
— Jessica, Artist and Conference Leader
I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to help already! I appreciate the confidence you have helped me find!
— Samantha
I have control of my life already! You bringing this to my attention our very first conversation changed this for me. I feel more in control and more present in my life. It made me realize it’s my thoughts that keep me captive.
— Jennifer
Natalie leads by example and this is a total inspiration! She helped me see my value and helped me build my confidence. Working with her has opened my mind to the endless possibilities available to me. Do the work and you’ll find great rewards!
— J.A., Designer
Boundless motivation and intuition aside, one quality has emerged as most remarkable in the time I’ve known Natalie. Natalie is unmatched in her ability to lift other women up and to genuinely be proud of their accomplishments. This trait exemplifies not only her passion for feminism, but also her self-assuredness and authentic desire to help women pursue their goals. Natalie excels at instilling in people the skills, confidence and excitement necessary for achieving their dreams.
— Dr. Chloe Greenbaum, Psychologist, Academic Coach & Consultant
Natalie has got to be one of the most confident women I’ve met in my life. She is so self assured, positive, and it’s obvious that she knows herself well. She fully embodies her femininity and allows her natural intuitive abilities to guide her work. Natalie is a bright shining soul who inspires me to be the best version of myself every day.
— Kate Patchett, Soul Coach & Visionary Healer
Natalie can be described as a bringer of light. She is a glowing being of inspiration and luminosity. She has the incredible ability to see what makes people light up while encouraging them to grow to their greatest potential. The love and respect that my friend Natalie has for women flows out of her so naturally that you cannot help but be proud of your womanhood when in her company. When I spend time with Natalie, I often find myself standing a little taller (owning all of my 5 foot and 10 inches frame), speaking my mind more clearly and noticing the beautiful gifts that we have as women of our generation. I am so proud of the direction she’s taken to empower women of all ages and all walks of life, while staying humble, honest and genuinely passionate about making our world a better place to live, every single day.
— Katie McNutt, Business Owner