Why Jealousy is a Good Thing

You know that feeling… That ugly feeling that creeps in when we scroll through Facebook or Instagram and are bombarded with pictures of perfect couples, perfect bodies, designer threads, endless travel and beautiful homes; or that feeling when someone we’re close to is straight up killing it in life, love or business, while we’re eating pints of ice cream on our couch, in a face mask, half way through another Netflix series? Not like I’ve been there or anything… 

Today's topic is jealousy.

Can you relate? Because I’m pretty sure we all can.

With all the articles being written about the negative effects social media has on our self-esteem, it seems impossible to ignore that comparison can really be a dream killer. We can allow it to drive us deep into our feelings of inadequacy and lack. We can accept defeat in the face of not being able to pull off being perfect.


We can acknowledge our feelings of inadequacy and politely tell them to f*** off. 
We can use that jealousy as fuel. We can use it to propel us forward to the things that we want.

Before we feel inadequate, we feel jealous. We wonder why others have the things that we don’t. We wonder why others seem to have everything "figured out". Before I go any further, I would like to remind you that no matter what it looks like on social media, NO ONE has everything figured out. But beyond that, if someone else did it, so can you. 

If someone else did it, so can you. 

As you know I’m a Women’s Empowerment & Confidence Coach. The not so big secret, is that I used to be a giant freaking mess. I was an emotional wrecking ball, riddled with self-doubt, self-loathing, and really low self-esteem. I may have hid it better than others, but I suffered for a long time. People look at me in disbelief when I tell them that and I've turned being confident into a business! 

I looked at other women building businesses, loving life, and making an impact on the world and I declared to myself, why not me?

Well babe, why not you? Why not now? Why can’t you have everything that you want out of life? Use that jealousy and use it as a barometer to show you where you are, where you want to be, and what’s possible. Remember that your thoughts create your reality and that thing that you really, really want? Think about it every single day. Then, take action one step at a time. 

So today, my dream for you is to take your jealousy and use it as fuel. 

Here's how: 

List out your top 5 desires for the next 90 days (or even the next year if you want to take it that far) and the steps you need to take to make them happen. 

Don’t censor yourself, just give in to the possibilities.

And just to make this even more fun and give you even more accountability, send the list of 5 things over to me. I be thrilled to hear from you, and by declaring your desires to yourself and to someone else, you are signaling that you are ready to start making moves. 

You are meant for big things and all of your desires. You deserve to Live Your Best Life. 

And so it is.