Rewind to 13 years ago:

In early adulthood, I was drinking too much and too frequently.

I was hungry all the time and working out 2-4 hours a day because I hated my body.

I was dating boys and hanging out with people who didn't value me...

Quite frankly, I was a complete and absolute mess.

When I was 5, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Several years later, she passed away. I fell into a deep depression and felt unworthy of anything that felt good, including love, happiness, and self-esteem.

Sometime in the darkness, I decided that if I could do anything, I wanted to help people heal and love themselves.

I wanted to do my part in changing the world.




Forward to 9 years ago:

It dawned on me that if I didn't love and accept myself, I was never going to be able to create the life that I wanted, or make a real and lasting impact on the world.

I started on a long spiritual journey:

First through India, then in the mountains of North Carolina, and I finally moved back to NYC to pursue my Masters in Applied Psychology from NYU.

I read tons of self-help books;

learned from some amazing spiritual teachers;

took up a yoga practice, and really centered myself.

I was serious about healing because I was serious about helping

other people heal.

I never lost the faith that I was destined for something more than the life I was living.

3.5 years ago:

The action that created real and massive change, was my decision to sign up with a high level success coach. 

She helped me call my own bullshit, get out of my own way and create a business that I am incredibly proud of.


Now here we are:

Today, I work with clients from NYC, to Shanghai, to Canada. I host a successful event series called Babes Who Brunch Club for women in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and big dreams!

I travel the country and world. In 2016 alone, I traveled to California, Florida, France, Pakistan, and Cuba. In 2017 I spent time in the Hamptons, Los Angeles again, and went to Burning Man. In 2018, I spent New Years in Tampa to mastermind with my friend and fellow boss babe. In April, I went to Mexico City, traveled through Bali for 2 months, and returned to Burning Man. And now 2019 has been a blast as well, as I’m bouncing between the East & West Coast.

I'm surrounded by super inspiring people.

I live in New York, and experience all the amazing things that it has to offer...

I have a consistent exercise routine, have a 200 hr yoga certification.

I also have a very active social life, and a love life that I could turn into a blog (it would make for a ton of LOL's).

Most importantly, I do work that I love, that makes me better everyday, and that changes peoples' lives. That part is priceless.


If this is possible for me, this is all possible for you.

I’m here to show you how to become the best version of yourself, to shine with confidence from the inside out, and to live a life that you’ve always dreamed of.

So what do you say?